Saturday, 3 August 2013

Moroccan - My Favourite Cuisine

There are so many different types of cuisines around the world, but my all time favourite is Moroccan. I can remember the first cook book that I had was a Moroccan cook book. I still have that book to this day.

The mix of Roman, Arabic and Spanish from the more recent times and from the Byzantines, Phoenicians and Carthaginians in the ancient times, these civilisations make up what is now a cuisine of its very own, Moroccan.

Not only is the food full of flavour but the cooking utensils used to create these beautiful dishes are one of a kind. A tagine is terracotta heavy based saucepan with a funnel looking lid. I personally don't know exactly what makes the difference between a tagine and a regular saucepan, but the taste is so different when cooked in a tagine. And there is nothing that can beat an authentic meal right down to the pot it is cooked in.

I haven't posted a Moroccan recipe on my new blog yet as there is so many to choose from and they are all so good. If you have any suggestions of a Moroccan dish that you would like to see, please leave it in the comments below this post.

If you are into spices then Moroccan food is definitely for you. 

I had booked a trip to Morocco last year and was told a couple months before the trip that the tour that I had planned had been cancelled as there was not enough people who booked to go on the tour. I am definitely going to go to Morocco in the future, especially to taste the food.

Morocco's national drink would have to be mint tea. The mixture of Gunpowder green tea and spearmint will provide a refreshing taste and cleanse the pallet. Mint tea is drank any time of the day and drank anywhere. Mint tea is never stirred but poured into the glass from a hight. The first poured glass is then poured back into the tea pot to mix the brew. Then the tea is poured into a Moroccan tea glass from a height.

I will be posting something Moroccan very soon, this post is just a preview of some of the awesome food that Moroccan's can offer.


  1. Cool. I haven't had much Moroccan food, but I love Indian food for much the same reason. I look forward to seeing Moroccan recipes.

  2. I know that I might be biased about Ben's cooking, but it is truly delicious, he cooks for us constantly, such a talented cook, with no formal training, and very passionate about what he loves doing. Continue doing what you love doing Ben it will take you a long way, and Thank you XO